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2014 Race Schedule

What are your Race Goals for 2014? I’m signed up for the following races. Leave me a comment and let me know what race you’re most excited about this year.

Tinkerbell 5k – Jan 17th
Tinkerbell 10k – Jan 18th
Tinkerbell 1/2 Marathon – Jan 19th
Surf City Half Marathon – Feb 2nd
LA Marathon – Mar 9th
Hollywood Half Marathon – Apr 5th
OC Half Marathon – May 4th
San Francisco Marathon – July 27th
Disneyland 5k – Aug 29th
Disneyland 10k – Aug 30th
Disneyland Half Marathon – Aug 31st
Long Beach Half Marathon – Oct 12th

I need another 15 races to round out my schedule! Any suggestions?

Drag across the finish line

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It’s been a while since my last post. Here’s the good, the bad and the upcoming.

1.) Me and some good Friends entered the ‘Crash the Super Blow‘ contest and our commercial Sling Baby won 1 Million Dollars from Doritos! It was an honor getting to work with so many amazing people and I’ll never forget the night we found out we won.

Dorritos Baby

2.) I injured my Shoulder Skydiving (sounds worse than it is) and haven’t been able to do many runs for the last 3-months. I’m on the mend and should be back to running, cycling and risking my life in new and adventurous ways.

3.) I did the SoCal #2 ‘Tough Mudder’ last Sunday and I can finally walk again. Anyone else do it? By far one of the toughest runs I’ve done. The 10 mile challenge course took place at Snow Valley and involved lots of elevation gain and obstacles.

Tough Mudder

Nothing like pushing your body to the point of death and getting an orange headband. I think Disney needs to talk to them about getting medals.

Orange Headband

4.) I’m heading to Zion (Utah) in a few weeks to tackle the most scenic and classic Slot Canyons they have. We’re planning to do Das Boot, Subway, Mystery Canyon and the lower Narrows. Can’t Wait!

Here’s a photo from last year when we hiked The Narrows. Its hard to find a hiking site that doesn’t include The Narrows as one of the top-10 hikes in the world. Once you experience it, you’ll know why.

The Narrows

5.) I’m doing a Tuesday Taco Trail Run on July 24th at Riley Wilderness Park

6.) I’m hoping to add ‘Deep Diver’ and ‘Navigation’ to my Open Water license this summer while I’m in the Caribbean.

That’s all the updates for now!

Remember, The Journey is the reward; not the destination!

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National Veterans Day Race

The National Veterans Day Run was last Friday, 11-11-11. It was an 11k through the bike paths of Irvine. The race was smaller in size compared to most events I do, but it was still an enjoyed event.

National Veterans Day Run

The run started at 4:11pm in Irvine. The route was a little boring as we had to backtrack once we passed the 3-mile mark. We had electronic bibs but there was no strip to run across at the turn around point so hopefully no one cheated.

11k Course

My splits for the run averaged 8:15 per mile. My next race is the Dana Point Turkey Trot, followed by the Xterra trail run challenge. Only 7-weeks left until my first marathon! 🙂


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Camp Pendleton Mud Run

I’ve done multiple (5k) Mud Runs but never the world famous ‘Camp Pendleton Mud Run‘, which is double the length. Every year I’ve wanted to run the event its been sold out so this year I decided to register on Midnight of New Years Eve, since registration opens Jan 1st.

I registered for a team and convinced 4 buddies to come along for the adventure. I’m glad I registered at midnight because registration was sold out when I checked in the morning. (Less than 9-hours later)

AG Mud Run  Camp Pendleton  29

Our run started around 8am but they recommended you get on the base up to 2-hours early to avoid traffic and find a parking space. Traffic getting off the freeway was a nightmare but thanks to a friends advice we passed our intended off ramp, got back on the Freeway going ‘North’ and quickly entered the marine base.

The races were a bit delayed and as we were ushered into the starting corral, you could feel the anticipation increasing. We were finally let go and to start off the course they spray you with a huge fire hose. The run then stays mellow for the next 5 to 6 miles through some dirt trails, sand, across a river bed and up a HUGE hill.

It wasn’t until the last 2-miles that the obstacles and mud pits appeared. My favorite obstacle was a lake we had to wade across followed by a huge muddy hill we had to traverse up.

Mud Run Finish (Team Photo after the run. Not as muddy as I thought we’d be)

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Disneyland 1/2 Marathon (2011)

I’ve done a handful of 1/2 Marathons and I still haven’t ran a race that compares to the Disneyland 1/2 Marathon. Its my favorite race for many reasons including.

  1. Getting to run through both Parks (Disneyland & California Adventure)
  2. The race is normally the day before my birthday which makes it special to me
  3. Running down Main Street and through Cinderella’s Castle Sleeping Beauty’s Castle
  4. The course is relatively flat aside from a small hill when you pass over the 5-freeway
  5. Running the bases at Angels Stadium, crossing Home Plate and seeing yourself on the Jumbo-Tron
  6. There’s a certain positive energy in the runners that is contagious. I’ve noticed it more at this event than other races I’ve done.
  7. Water stations and entertainment line every mile of the race
  8. Being awarded with major Bling for finishing

This was my 3rd year running it and it seems to get better every year. My training regiment wasn’t as intense as last year due to a knee injury so my only goal this year was to try and break 2-hours. Since I wasn’t trying for a new PR I thought I’d give Jeff Galloway’s Run-Walk-Run a try. I was pleasantly surprised at the amount of energy I had throughout the race and I my body didn’t hit the 9-mile slump like it did the previous two years. I ended up finishing the race in 1:52:39 which was less than 3-minutes from my PR. 🙂

Disneyland 1 2 Marathon Results

Disneyland 1 2

Disney 1 2 Finish

Celebration followed by Me and my friend John by going to to Story Tellers Cafe where I enjoyed a Farmers Market Breakfast Buffet.

Victory Breakfast

Now with the Disneyland 1/2 Marathon done, its time to start training for my next few events.

Oct 22nd & 23rd – MS-Ride (150 Mile Bike Ride)

Jan 7th & 8thGoofy’s Challenge @ WDW (1/2 Marathon + Full Marathon)

Jan 29thTinkerbell Half Marathon @ Disneyland

If anyone else has race recommendations between now and the end of the year, let me know.

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