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It’s been a while since my last post. Here’s the good, the bad and the upcoming.

1.) Me and some good Friends entered the ‘Crash the Super Blow‘ contest and our commercial Sling Baby won 1 Million Dollars from Doritos! It was an honor getting to work with so many amazing people and I’ll never forget the night we found out we won.

Dorritos Baby

2.) I injured my Shoulder Skydiving (sounds worse than it is) and haven’t been able to do many runs for the last 3-months. I’m on the mend and should be back to running, cycling and risking my life in new and adventurous ways.

3.) I did the SoCal #2 ‘Tough Mudder’ last Sunday and I can finally walk again. Anyone else do it? By far one of the toughest runs I’ve done. The 10 mile challenge course took place at Snow Valley and involved lots of elevation gain and obstacles.

Tough Mudder

Nothing like pushing your body to the point of death and getting an orange headband. I think Disney needs to talk to them about getting medals.

Orange Headband

4.) I’m heading to Zion (Utah) in a few weeks to tackle the most scenic and classic Slot Canyons they have. We’re planning to do Das Boot, Subway, Mystery Canyon and the lower Narrows. Can’t Wait!

Here’s a photo from last year when we hiked The Narrows. Its hard to find a hiking site that doesn’t include The Narrows as one of the top-10 hikes in the world. Once you experience it, you’ll know why.

The Narrows

5.) I’m doing a Tuesday Taco Trail Run on July 24th at Riley Wilderness Park

6.) I’m hoping to add ‘Deep Diver’ and ‘Navigation’ to my Open Water license this summer while I’m in the Caribbean.

That’s all the updates for now!

Remember, The Journey is the reward; not the destination!

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Mt San Gorgonio

Mt San Gorgonio (known locally as Old Greyback) is the highest peak in Southern California. Its located in San Bernardino County and has an elevation of 11,503 ft.

I’m an avid shopper and fan of REI and subscribe to their ‘Gear Mail‘ which features sales and outdoor classes. One of the classes is ‘Mount Whitney Training Hikes‘ which feature progressive hikes to prepare one to eventually summit Mt. Whitney. The hikes they offer, in order of difficulty are.

  1. Cucamonga Peak
  2. Mt. Baldy
  3. San Bernardino Peak
  4. Mt. San Jacinto
  5. San Gorgonio Mountain

I’ve always enjoyed hiking and I’m never one to pass up a challenge so climbing Mt Whitney is a goal I’ve set for myself. I thought ‘Old Greyback’ would be a good stepping stone to Whitney so I invited by buddy Jim and we signed up for the REI class.

The class meet at the trailhead at 6am and our two guides said we should hit the summit by 3pm and be back to the cars by 7pm. The hike up had its challenges but overall it wasn’t that bad. Out of 7 hikers we only had 2 that didn’t reach the top.

San Gorgonio Trail

Me and Jim broke off from the group for the last mile and blazed a trail to the top. We got there around 2:30 and relaxed for 30-minutes. I then put on my knee brace rubbed on some BioFreeze and we started the descent down. We wanted to see how fast we could make the return trip so we ended up jogging a good portion of the trail. By the time we reached our cars it was a little before 6pm. (So our ascent took 7+ hours and our decent took less than 3 🙂 The distance was up and back was 19-miles with around 5,500 of elevation gain.

Mt San Gorgonio Summit Hike  10

Mt San Gorgonio  Summit Hike  12

The views from the top were incredible and I highly recommend checking out the mountain. My next two hikes will most likely be San Bernardino and San Jacinto. After that, Its time to make my way to Whitney.

Mt San Gorgonio  Summit Hike  20

Mt San Gorgonio Peak

Here are the rest of the pictures from the hike. (Click Here)

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