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I’ve run numerous runDisney Marathons, Half Marathons and 10k’s. This was however my first 5k. Why has it taken me so long to do a 5k? Because I haven’t had the desire to wake up at 4am, get dressed, drive to Disney, pay for parking, take the shuttle, walk to my corral, wait for the race to start and then run 3-miles. (The outrage! I know a 5k is longer than 3 miles but I round down) 

If the 5k was part of a challenge (I’m doing Dopey in 2015) then the extra bling is enough to motivate me. Lots of families run the 5k and I think its a great distance for a ‘Fun Run’. 

Here’s a list of my Five Favorite things about the Neverland Family Fun Run 5k!’

1.) Its a 5k!

Its a fun distance! You can sprint, jog, walk, skip or prancercise to the finish line. For me, there’s always a bit of intimidation when I start a Half or Full Marathon of ‘Will I Finish’ and ‘I hope I don’t get injured’. With the 5k I didn’t have this feeling.

*Disclaimer* These are my personal feelings. If running a 5k is your first race, then having those feelings is normal and there’s nothing wrong with it. I’m sure there’s runners with injuries or disabilities that make 5k their preferred distance. I commend those who run, regardless of the distance.

2.) Corralling on Main Street U.S.A

Waiting for a race to start can be intimidating! Waiting on Main Street USA makes it more enjoyable. I was in Corral B and was next to the Castle as Tinkerbell flew in to wish all the runners good luck!

3.) Families 

I ran the 5k by myself but it didn’t stop me from vicariously living through other people’s smiles and laughter. I loved seeing families run together. From matching costumes to high fives, you could see the joy that runDisney brings. 

4.) You run through both Disney Parks

You run through both Disney parks in the Half Marathon as well, but you also run through the streets of Anaheim or Santa Ana. I love Disney so given the choice between a blocked off street in the city or Cars Land, I choose Cars Land. The 5k started in Disneyland and ended in California Adventure and you never left the parks! 

5.) Never Never Land

Peter Pan is a whimsical charming character and a perfect theme for the family fun run!

I hope you enjoyed reading. Remember that #LifeIsDandy and every Mile is Magic with runDisney! 

Click Here for the rest of the photos including a Video of Tinkerbell Flying in to start the race.

“Arrrr, I thought they said rumDisney!”

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