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SheiKra is an incredible ride! Who else has been on it at Busch Gardens in Tampa Florida?

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Camp Pendleton Mud Run

I’ve done multiple (5k) Mud Runs but never the world famous ‘Camp Pendleton Mud Run‘, which is double the length. Every year I’ve wanted to run the event its been sold out so this year I decided to register on Midnight of New Years Eve, since registration opens Jan 1st.

I registered for a team and convinced 4 buddies to come along for the adventure. I’m glad I registered at midnight because registration was sold out when I checked in the morning. (Less than 9-hours later)

AG Mud Run  Camp Pendleton  29

Our run started around 8am but they recommended you get on the base up to 2-hours early to avoid traffic and find a parking space. Traffic getting off the freeway was a nightmare but thanks to a friends advice we passed our intended off ramp, got back on the Freeway going ‘North’ and quickly entered the marine base.

The races were a bit delayed and as we were ushered into the starting corral, you could feel the anticipation increasing. We were finally let go and to start off the course they spray you with a huge fire hose. The run then stays mellow for the next 5 to 6 miles through some dirt trails, sand, across a river bed and up a HUGE hill.

It wasn’t until the last 2-miles that the obstacles and mud pits appeared. My favorite obstacle was a lake we had to wade across followed by a huge muddy hill we had to traverse up.

Mud Run Finish
(Team Photo after the run. Not as muddy as I thought we’d be)

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